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Living around Nature helps you live longer!

December 15, 2017 | Stalin Amara

Living around Nature helps you live longer!

Today’s modern-day living is filled with plenty of hustle & bustle where 24hours is simply not enough. While cities across the country are turning into concrete jungles, a good balance between manmade creations and Mother Nature is very important to live a healthy lifestyle. Studies have shown that individuals who live at locations with plenty of greenery around them have better mental health, physical activity and social engagement.

Locations with lush greens are known to be less polluted as vegetation pulls-in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. The effect of positive mental health may be indirect, but it is known that a view of nature tends to keep the mind relaxed, eased-out and happy. Greenery around living spaces also curtails the possibility of many disorders and diseases to a great extent. In fact, living around greens is known to increase an individual’s lifespan and that is one of the reasons why the lifespan of individuals’ decades ago was much longer. It cannot be denied that happy individuals love to socialise and the social engagement encouraged by green spaces ultimately improves the mindset of individuals as man was never meant to be living under isolation, but surrounded by individuals instead. A hypothesis proposed by a well-known biologist and naturalist E.O. Wilson demonstrates the idea “that we evolved as a species embedded in nature over most of our existence as a species, and something about that nature contact still resonates with us”.

A modern-day lifestyle surrounded by lush greens will always keep you healthy, fresh and active. There are a number of residential projects in the market that offer a comprehensive lifestyle, but just a few that offer the beauty of lush greens as well. Skyi Songbirds is one of the latest residential projects in Bhugaon, Pune by Skyi Group that offers premium luxury and comfort with a beautiful blend of nature that will be loved by one and all.

Spread over 42 acres of lush greens, this development offers 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK thematic luxury apartments and villas that are crafted to meet every requirement and taste. With large residential areas, luxury space is what you will surely find in every villa.

It is an extraordinary that is packed with lavish features of pure luxury and a beautiful touch of nature. The villas are well-spaced and provide fabulous cross ventilation, natural lighting and contain luxury fittings & fixtures, plush wooden finish flooring, tough doors and elegant windows, stylish kitchens with multiple provisions, hi-tech safety features and more. Skyi Group also offers the finest rage of external amenities that are truly world class. The external amenities include a grand clubhouse, well-equipped gymnasium, meditation centre, multiple sports facilities, swimming pool, floating garden, eco pond, day care centre, bird house, power back-up, 24hour water supply and top-notch security for total safety.

Starting at a price of Rs.35 lakhs and gradually moving up to Rs.1.61 Cr., the villas at this development are super-affordable and definitely worth your savings for a life of luxury, comfort and good health.

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